Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We're adding several exciting new functions for users with this release, including:
Add Images in your Messaging
  • Users can now attach images to messages exchanged in Pixlmob!
  • This feature provides a quick and easy way to attach screenshots, marked up images, and examples to vendors during the revision process.
  • Users can attach up to 10 images per message sent which can also be downloaded through Pixlmob.
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Search your Projects
  • You can now easily search all of your existing projects by entering all or part of a project's name in the search bar.
  • Projects can also be sorted to show those that were most recently created.
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  • **On the marketplace, you can now sort search results by recommended status, rating, and price.
  • This sort option is available when searching within a specific service listed on Pixlmob.
  • You can now archive projects that do not include any purchased services.
  • Archived projects can be found in the trash and will remain there until you restore them from the trash.
  • A project cannot be archived if you have ever purchased services within that project.
  • You can view and restore all of your archived projects from the trash folder.
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Additional changes
  • Minor bug fixes impacting sorting of projects.
  • Remove and limit specific characters from usernames
  • Include tips and best practices for vendor portfolios on their services page.
Emails and Notifications have been updated
We’ve corrected a bug preventing some emails from going out as well as condensed several emails and notifications so the priority information is sent to you.
Projects Pages
  • We’ve added new filters to the Aryeo Orders tab so you can see the most relevant appointments and orders first.
  • Projects page can be sorted by “last ordered by” date.
  • In addition to naming your template, you can now also add a brief description to help clarify when you might use that template.
  • We also corrected an issue where the notes from the “Additional Notes” field weren’t consistently being copied into templates and then into new projects. This has been resolved and notes you’ve added should be copied for templates you create going forward.
Vendor Profiles
The vendor’s Working Hours are now condensed to show you today’s current hours. You can toggle this view open to see his full weekly schedule.
  • User login navigation moved to the top right corner.
  • From this button, you can access your profile.
  • Vendors can access their Stripe Dashboard here.
  • We’ve also added quick links to our Help Center as well as our Feature Request page.
Minor bug fixes:
  • Video Order Form (branding & special effects were fixed)
  • Corrected pagination issue on projects page
  • Restored option to withdraw dispute
  • Relocated vendor payout button
  • Fixed export issue with Projects report
Untitled design
We couldn't be more excited to finally share with you everything we've built to make your business and workflow faster and easier!
ASAP Editing
Find editors who are online right now and ready to dive into your projects immediately with our ASAP Editing feature. No more waiting — just reserve an editor, order a project, and receive immediate confirmation that they’re starting your project!
What’s Changed
→ ASAP Editing is now your go-to for urgent project needs. This feature lets you view editors who are online and ready to jump into action immediately.
How it affects you
→ You now have the power to see which editors are available right at this moment to take on your project. This instant visibility helps you make fast decisions and gets your urgent tasks moving without delay.
Enhance your workflow by connecting Pixlmob with leading platforms like Aryeo and HDPhotoHub. Streamline your orders and make managing your projects simpler and faster.
What’s Changed
→ Sync your delivery platforms directly with Pixlmob and your appointments will appear in your dashboard.
How it Affects You
→ It’s never been faster to create a project directly from your appointment, so you can be confident in knowing all of the day’s work is safely in the hands of your editors.
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Vendor Team
Create your dream team! Organize and manage your favorite editors by service, ensuring you always work with the best talent tailored to your specific needs.
What has changed
→ The ability to pre-select and manage your favorite editors has been streamlined. You can now create a roster of primary and backup editors tailored to specific services.
How it affects you
→ With your primary and backup editors already set, you can quickly assign them to matched services. This setup ensures that your preferred editors handle your projects, enhancing consistency and quality of the work delivered
CleanShot 2024-04-19 at 12
Project Management
Introducing a revamped post-production process designed to simplify your workflow. Manage multiple services under one project, easily add services, and collaborate with various vendors—all from a single, intuitive interface.
What has changed
→ Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple orders! Everything you need is now unified under one project umbrella, streamlining your ability to oversee, manage, and adapt your projects effortlessly.
How it affects you
  • Centralized Project Handling
    : Kick off your tasks by starting a single project instead of juggling multiple service orders. This means a seamless flow and management of all related services, from editing to enhancements, under one roof.
  • Streamlined Assignments and Communication
    : Assigning your go-to editors to specific tasks is now a walk in the park, and keeping all your communications in one spot means fewer mix-ups and quicker updates. Get ready for more fluid collaborations and stellar project outcomes!
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Save time and effort with customizable templates. Set up your preferred services once and reorder them with just a few clicks whenever needed.
What’s Changed
→ Create a template from a past project or from a blank slate, so your services, quantities, add-ons, and preferences are saved and ready to go!
How it Affects You
→ Tired of filling out the order form over and over again with the same details?Ordering the same combination of services is faster than ever. Simply create a template and reorder again and again in seconds.
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Fund your Balance
Keep your projects moving smoothly with our auto-reloading feature. Fund your Pixlmob balance effortlessly, ensuring you can checkout quicker and keep your focus where it matters—on your projects!
What’s Changed
→ Forget handling each transaction separately! Now, all your orders will simply draw from your Pixlmob balance, making managing your finances as smooth as your morning coffee.
How it Affects You
Keep your balance topped up and ready to go! If you’re about to kick off a project that costs more than what’s in your balance, you’ll see a quick prompt to top up your balance, ensuring your projects move forward without delay.
Set your balance to auto-reload every month, so you’re always ready to go when it’s time to order.
Pixlmob launch
A Whole New Marketplace
Experience Pixlmob like never before! Our complete rebranding includes a fresh marketplace designed to enhance your search and showcase what's important to you.
What’s Changed
→ Everything! It’s all new and better than ever. We created an entirely new marketplace, highlighting trending services, top vendors, and new features.
How it Affects You
→ Customize your search to narrow down the world of vendors to the right one for you. Filter results by services, available add-ons, price, and even ASAP availability.
Celebrate productivity and creativity with these new features, designed to make your workflow as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Dive into a new era of editing with Pixlmob today!
✅ New and improved sidebar design:
The sidebar now includes collapsed menus showing each section or tab within the profile and admin views.
✅ Editor verification now happens within Pixlmob, instead of routing to a separate verification app. This makes verifying editors not only faster and easier but also onboards editors to the order flow within Pixlmob.
✅ Portfolio images are now required prior to verification.
✅ We've renamed “gallery” to “portfolio” on the editor profiles.
✅ Disabled GIFs as editor portfolio images.
✅ Added admin messaging within the order flow.
✅ Editors can now complete the verification process to add Floor Plans as a service on their Pixlmob profiles.
✅ Pixlmob's left sidebar now shows tabs for quick access to Profile, Portfolio, Services, etc.
✅ Editor's profiles now show categories of services: Image Enhancement (Single, HDR, and Flash + Ambient), Image Specialties (Virtual Staging, Object Removal, Day to Dusk, etc.), and Floor Plans.
✅ The structure of services has migrated to reflect a base + add-on pricing model, to simplify the order flow and provide more transparent pricing and more robust options for photographers and editors.
✅ Custom Floor Plans are now available from editors on Pixlmob!
Order 2D and 3D Custom Floor Plans that are texturized, colored, include Fixed Furniture, or Staged Furniture as well as measurements and total dimensions.
Using either a hand-drawn sketch or a link to a 3D tour (such as a Matterport), the editors can follow your order specifications to create a Custom Floor Plan.
Choose from Imperial or Metric measurements, select your final file type (PDF, PNG, etc.), provide dimensions to generate total square footage or meters, and more!
✅ A whole new order flow!
In preparation for many more new services and exciting changes to come, we’ve updated the process of placing an order within Pixlmob.
When you start an order for a service from an editor, an order details box will pop up where you can specify the number of photos in the order, the delivery turnaround time, links to the assets, notes to the editor, and any additional reference materials you’d like to provide.
order form
Add this service to your cart and you can then return to the same editor and place an order for an additional service from the same editor.
Once you’ve added all of the services you’d like to order from that particular editor, complete the checkout process to pay for the order.
This new Base + Add-on or Upgrade order process creates clearer transparency around what’s included in your order, provides additional spaces for you to add instructions for the editor, and empowers you to select exactly the deliverables you’d like to order.
As you’re building your cart for a project within Pixlmob, you’ll see each service you’ll be ordering listed on the right side of your view and also have the ability to edit or remove a service from a project before placing the order.
It’s important to note that in our current order process, you must finish the order from an editor before moving on to order from a different editor. If you change editors after starting an order, your order details will not be saved. (You’ll receive a pop-up warning before this takes place.) We’ll be expanding features in this scenario very soon.
✅ We’ve organized our services into clear categories:
Image Enhancements include Single image editing, HDR, and Flash + Ambient (Flambient) editing.
Image Specialties include Virtual Staging, Day-to-Dusk, Object Removal, and more.
Custom Floor Plans include 2D and 3D Floor Plans.
You’ll see these categories listed on our home page and as tabs on each editor’s profile.
categories 2
✅ Updated order status: “Submitted” is now “In Progress”
When you place an order from an editor and they either manually accept the order or have automatic order acceptance turned on, the status of the order will be “In Progress.”
Once the editor has delivered the order to the photographer, the status will be “In Review” until the photographer accepts the edits or requests revisions.
✅ Editors now receive a checklist for each service ordered with the notes and requirements for that service. The checklist must be completed in full before the editor is able to deliver the order.
editor checklist
✅ The links within an order to the "Source Files Folder" and to the "Finished Files Folder" have moved to be within the service itself. As an editor, click on the service ordered to access the folders and checklist.
✅ When you place an order, the number of deliverables (aka final files) will be listed, to provide additional clarity on how many finished files you expect to receive.
🗣️ After receiving valuable feedback from our users, we made an additional change to the order flow:
Instead of adding a link for each service you order from an editor, you'll now see an option to use the same link from the previously added service.
This will show until you've completed your cart and proceed to checkout.
asset link
We have more updates coming soon so stay tuned!
✅ Editors can now add video services to their Pixlmob profiles and complete the verification process to test for video services.
✅ Glossary of terms related to video editing has been published in Intercom to clarify the services, add-ons, and options.
✅ Video Editing Services are now available on Pixlmob!
🎥 New editors are being added daily!
🎥 The video verification process includes an extensive and detailed series of steps for an editor to follow to ensure high quality, attentive work.
🎥 Additional video services will be added in the coming weeks as more editors are verified.
✅ Include Follow Overlays, Voiceovers, Captions, Motivated Sounds, and so much more in your video order!
✅ Easily annotate video versions from the editor to leave comments and request a revision.
✅ Provide notes and links to your important resources, examples, and assets throughout the order flow.
✅ Select from a variety of setting options including Aspect Ratio, Frame Rates, Special Transitions, and more.
✅ Get transparent pricing around the Add-ons as the price changes are reflected and noted as you build your order.
✅ See a summary list of all of the assets you need to provide to your editor to ensure you haven't missed anything.
✅ Quickly copy the services, notes, and details from a previous order!
You can now duplicate an order you've placed with an editor and simply add new asset and delivery links with any new notes!
copy 1
Easily build your cart of multiple orders from an editor.
copy 2
✅ Bug fixes and quality of function upgrades
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